Fascists in Ukraine: March in April (Part 1)

Two recent marches held in Ukraine illustrate the very real presence of fascists in Ukraine.

This is Part 1 of my series Western Media Bias:  Fascists in Ukraine.

L’vov Nazi Division Commemoration March

The first is the L’vov march on April 27, 2014 to mark the anniversary of the formation of the infamous 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, which I blogged about earlier.

What may not be obvious to all is the symbolism in the march, as evidenced in this still picture (click to enlarge):

Nazis marching with flags
L’vov Nazi March with Galician SS Shields and Wolfsangel

Here you will see a number of black flags with a white Wolfsangel as well as numerous shields with a Galician SS coat of arms.

Wolfsangel logo
Wolfsange (Nazi SS)l

The Wolfsangel is an ancient symbol of Nordic mysticism meant to ward off wolves, It’s symbolism expanded, however, when the Nazi Waffen-SS adopted it during World War II. Today, it is a well-known symbol of neo-Nazism.

That this is indeed the intended symbolism of these Wolfsangel flags is substantiated by the only accompanying symbolism, the coat of arms consisting of a yellow lion on a blue background.

Ukrainian SS Flag
Galician Waffen-SS Insignia

This symbol served as the insignia for the volunteer 14th SS Galician Waffen Grenadier division, formed on April 28, 1943.  The march, indeed, commemorated this formation.

Kiev “Heavenly One Hundred” March

The second is a march activists of nationalist organizations, including “Patriots of Ukraine“. Patriots of Ukraine is paramilitary group which was initially organized by the Social-National Party of Ukraine, the forbearer of the Svoboda party. While it is now only informally associated with Svoboda (which holds six important positions in the Ukrainian junta government), it forms part of the Right Sector coalition.

The march, held on April 30, 2014 in Kiev to commemorate the “Heavenly Hundred” who died during the Maidan uprising, was slated to march through the center of Kiev, including the barricaded regions of Maidan.

When a procession of two hundred participants approached the first barricade located on Khreschatyk Street near Horodetskoho (about 200m from the Maidan stage), the Maidan self-defense forces demanded that the masked marchers reveal their faces. They refused, leading to first a verbal and later a physical altercation.  Participants used sticks, gas cylinders, and fireworks.  Several members of the self-defense forces carried rifles and handguns, but none were fired. Several people were injured.  Eventually, the parties negotiated and the column was permitted to walk through Maidan.

As far as I can find on the internet, only one “Western” news outlet – the International Business Times (UK) – reported on this march.

Ultra-nationalists march with flags
Flags at march

With regard to the fascist symbolism displayed by the participants, the procession carried four flags, as shown in the picture to the left (click to enlarge):

The leftmost (blue and yellow) flag is the Ukrainian national flag.

The one to its right (red on top and black on the bottom) is the battle flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), a nationalist/fascist paramilitary which fought on the side of Germany during World War II and which was commanded by Galician hero and Russian arch-enemy Stepan Bandera.

The second from the right is the Wolfsangel flag, a black stylized wolf-hook on a yellow background explained under the L’vov march heading above. This symbol stands for the “Idea of Nations” and was initially used by the SNPU.

The rightmost flag is “Odin’s Cross”, the black cross over a black circle on a white background.  It is an ancient sun symbol for the Celts of Ireland and Scotland which is widely used today by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

UKA Battle Flag
UPA Battle Flag
Stepan Bandera
Stepan Bandera
Odin's Cross
Odin’s Cross

Videos of the March

The best video of the march was posted by Svoboda on Youtube, showing:

  • Flag bearers carrying the UPA battle, Celtic Cross and Wolfsangel flags lead the march, followed by a procession of approximately 100 black-clad hooded men carrying torches, many of who also have Wolfsangel armbands (0:00-0:37).
  • The group runs into the Maidan barricades and is barred entrance due to their masks (0:38-0:54).
  • The lead (hooded) men break through the barricades and a brawl ensues (0:55-2:05).
  • The groups part and regroup; the self-defense side is seen carrying various weapons (2:05-2:45).
  • The procession is permitted to pass through (2:46-3:02).

RT also has a news segment featuring footage of the brawl.

Pictures of the March

Marching with Bandera photo
Marchers carry Bandera portrait in Kiev, April 30, 2014
Torch-bearers in black clothes march in Kiev April 30, 2014
Ultra-nationalist torchbearers, Kiev, April 30, 2014
Maidan self-defense activist brandishing a gun
Maidan self-defense activist brandishing a gun

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