Jet Bursts Into Flames Over Slavyansk

A jet has just burst into flames over the skies of Slayvansk, according to a video posted on YouTube.  The location and timing of the video could not be confirmed.

An animated GIF, magnified, showing that the the flame is from the jet exploding, rather than it launching a missile.

Jew bursts into flames
Jet bursts into flames over Slavyansk

The original video:

Update:  Someone has maintained that the fire is from a missile, based on a smoke trail ahead of the plane.  My response is:

  • The first 10 frames of the fire do not have any smoke ahead of the fire.
  • The fire is far too large for a missile exhaust.
  • The fire stays with the plane’s speed and trajectory, and does not stay ahead of the smoke trail.
  • The plane follows a downward trajectory after the explosion.  It is likely the fire or the pilot set off a missile after the explosion.
  • At 0:33 a black cloud can be seen coming up behind the house – the crashed plane.  The location is in line with the plane’s trajectory (arcing downwards) before it is lost behind the building.
  • The jet isn’t seen again.

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