Odessa Massacre: Video Narrative of Provocation and Execution

I have been working on several posts regarding the Odessa Massacre that happened at the Odessa Trades Union House on May 2, 2014, and have been watching a lot of video about those tragic events (or wonderful events, for many in Ukraine and elsewhere).  Today I stumbled across a new video which provides the best documentary narrative I have seen of the tragic events of that fateful day.

At the Trades Union House, at least 39 people were murdered by gunshot wounds, falls (escaping fire on the third floor), asphyxiation (from fire and possibly poison gas), beatings and severe burns (from fire).

The video (with English subtitles) is meant to substantiate the following narrative:

  • The events in the city center earlier that day were a staged event, arranged by:
  • A soccer match between local soccer team Chornomorets played Kharkiv’s Metalist that day.  Thousands of “ultra” soccer fans reportedly had been bussed into the city to watch the match.
  • After the match, about 100 armed ultra-radicals joined up with the ultras and led them into “battle” with the police and “pro-Russians”.
  • The police and the ostensibly “pro-Russian” radicals were waiting in the center.  Both groups wore red tape bandaged around an arm, presumably to identify each other easily in a mob violence situation.
  • The police and so-called “pro-Russians” worked hand-in-hand to enrage the “ultras”.  The so-called “pro-Russians” were recorded speaking with police chief Fuchedzi before the confrontations, and were acting in concert with the police throughout the clashes (indeed these pretenders stood in the middle of a police cordon).  They were even firing guns from directly amongst the police, killing three of the ultras (cannon fodder), and the police did not as much as glance at them.
  • The presumed goal of the provocation was to enrage and radicalize the “ultras” and then goad them to “clear out” the “terrorists” who had occupied the Trades Union House.
  • When the so-called “pro-Russians” suddenly disappeared, the hyper-radicalized “ultras” were summoned to clear out the “terrorists” from the Odessa Trades Union Building, and the mob obligingly rushed to the scene.
  • Even though a firehouse was just around the corner, and even though police knew a large crowd of enraged ultras were heading to the Trades Union House, it took over an hour for police and firefighters to show up to the Trades Union House.

And, without further ado:

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