Ukraine Crisis: Is Right Sector Implementing EuroMaidan PR’s Terrorist Agenda?

On April 13, EuroMaidan PR – “Site of the Official Public Relations Secretariat for the Headquarters of the National Resistance in Kyiv, Ukraine” – published a terrorist manifesto urging the Kiev junta to “fight back” against a purported Russian invasion using unconventional means.  The manifesto warned that if its recommended actions were not taken immediately, “by the end of [April 2014], Ukraine will be destroyed as a nation and suffer brutal Russian occupation”.

Obviously the paranoid delusions of the EuroMaidan PR team have little relation to reality, but what is relevant from the manifesto is the six specific proposals made for fighting against Russia:

  • Destroy all gas pipelines & bomb the Belarusian gas pipeline, thus launching the boycott of Russian energy that the West has refused to undertake until now.
  • “Flood Ukraine with small arms by arming every patriotic citizen to unleash a massive guerrilla war when Russian forces invade.
  • “Provide guerrillas with Anti-tank Guided Missiles, Man Portable Air-defense Missiles, mines, explosives and everything else in Ukraine’s arsenal to ensure the guerrillas can resist effectively for years.
  • “Call on Ukrainians in the West to attack and kill members of the Putin regime, their associates and close relatives.
  • Remove uranium from Ukraine’s nuclear reactors and prepare to disperse it in Russia by all means possible — the Budapest Memorandum depriving Ukraine of nuclear power status is clearly moot now.
  • “Prepare to shell Belgorod with whatever missiles and artillery Ukraine has in its arsenal to flatten that city.”

Recent days have seen what appear to be concrete steps taken to implement the two highlighted elements of this terrorist agenda.

Attempted Nuclear Power Plant Assault

On May 15, 2014, in Energodar, Ukraine, police captured twenty militants of the Right Sector who had tried to seize the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine’s largest.

The militants were armed with machine guns and covered their faces (video).  When confronted by police, they claimed to be acting on a possible threat to “separatists” on the power plant.

However, no indication exists that these Right Sector militants tried to warn federal, regional, city or power plant security personnel about this alleged threat.  What was their real intent?

Gas Pipeline Tampering and Explosions

On the same day, three explosions ripped through the Urengoy–Pomary–Uzhgorod international high pressure gas pipeline in Nebyliv village, Ivano-Frankivsk region.  Evidence of explosives was found and the explosions are being investigated as a “terrorist attack”. The regional governor has also indicated that the blasts were most likely due to bombings.  The bombings follow several unsuccessful attempts in prior days to damage the pipeline.

It should be noted that the Ivano-Frankisvk region is in Wester Ukraine and stands as one of the epicenters of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism and Right Sector support.  It should also be noted that Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector (which is closely aligned with Euromaidan PR), has also threatened to blow up Russian gas pipelines.

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