Western Media Bias: Fascists in Ukraine

The “Western” main stream media has faced what for them is a horrifying development in the Ukraine crisis: the ability of the “other side”/”enemy” to return fight in the propaganda/information war.  This has caused major distress in various elite circles, as the constant barrage of monopolistic misinformation and propaganda to which the populations of the West have been subjected for decades is coming under attack.

One of the focal points in the propaganda war has been the presence vel non of fascist elements in the pro-Maidan / pro-coup groups.  According to the predominant view in the Western MSM, these elements barely exist and are phantoms created by a “relentless Kremlin-driven propaganda offensive“; according to the Russian MSM view, it is an organized, dangerous force that is violent and growing.  Russia, which suffered horrific tragedy at the hands of the Nazi German army, wants no part of what it deems Western-sanctioned “appeasement”.

Who is correct?  My first blog in a series I plan to answer this question, using photographic and video evidence, not just empty claims, is Fascists in Ukraine: March in April (Part 1).

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